We believe that one of the best teachers is LIFE, and that receiving guidance from someone who's "been THERE, did THAT, and done THAT" can provide a shortcut on the pathway to success. Endorsed by Players from OUR Communities outta the LIFE, who followed Good GAME to elevate into respected businessmen and women that have become "heros of the hood".

Together, Players from OUR communities along with other experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, social work and community building will host a series of live episodes on GangstaBrownTV, to provide meaningful content centered around the tools of entrepreneurship, financial literacy & legacy building, with the goal of impacting lives through economic growth and job opportunities in OUR communities.

We strive to empower OUR communities through:


G Goals. Setting goals and creating deadlines to achieve them.
A Apparel. Expressing our message through our branded apparel.
M Mentorship. Mentorship through our partnering Players.
E Education for Elevation. Educational content centered around the tools of entrepreneurship and financial literacy for legacy building.


Oakland, California